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All Hail!
All hail the Committee!
The Committee are your friends.
The Committee knows best.
Trust the Committee.

DC - Chair


DC has been going to cons (on and off as money and work permitted) since the late 1970s. He can't remember which was his first con, only that it was one of the Glasgow ones in either the Ingram or the Central and that he had a great time. He also can't recall whether he found Trout (The Friends of Kilgore Trout, the Glasgow SF fan group) in its lair in Wintersgill's before cons or after, but he enjoyed that, too, until pressure of work and moving to England dragged him away. He was always determined to avoid getting drawn too heavily into the SMOF zone, and this determination was so successful that he wound up running the Info Desk at the 2005 WorldCon, rebooting Trout (now The Resurgence of Trout), and getting Satellite 1 rolling. His principal fannish interests are: SF (the literature), good SF films (both of them), and good SF on TV (as well as Doctor Who). His answer to your two most important questions are: "Yes, call me DC." and "A pint of good real ale, thank you very much!"

Jamie Scott - Vice Chair / Treasurer


Following much badgering (and possibly a bit of foxing and ottering as well) at IO, Jamie went to his first con (Albacon '99) and learned at least one useful fact (chandeliers and retired chemistry professors make for an interesting evening). After a few years he was shanghaied onto the cabal of Convivial, which made the mistake of being popular enough to warrant another go. After working on the staff of Interaction (The 2005 Worldcon) and being hotel liaison for Concussion (the 2006 Eastercon) he now tends to twitch at the sound of radio static. In his spare time he hangs around Glasgow University and tries not to break anything too expensive.

Christine Davidson - Programming / Guest Liaison


Christine has been attending SF Cons since the early 80’s but managed to successfully avoid conrunning duties until “nobbled” simultaneously by DC and Lucy Zinkiewicz to help out at Interaction, leading to experience on the Information Desk, Volunteer Desk, Registration and as Gopher Hole Shift Manager.
Her fannish interest range from hard SF (David Brin, Stephen Baxter) through Discworld to media SF. Do not mention “Blake’s 7” to this woman unless you want to be engaged in at least an hour’s conversation!! In the real (?) world she is a lecturer in analytical chemistry at the University of Strathclyde (staff site), enjoys sailing and playing percussion.

Mad Elf - Membership / Webmaster


Mad Elf's first proper (i.e. non-RPG) convention was Albacon 88; he spent the entire time role-playing.
Since that time he has discovered the delights of being a Gopher, Green Room Bod, Tech, and Steward, and has finally settled on Operations as having the best combination of meeting people, access to comestibles, and comfortable chairs. (As well as the Feeling of Power, Bwahahaha.) He has also been on no fewer than five committees before this noble endeavor, and only one of the resulting conventions has been classified as Better Off Not Mentioned.
Wedged somewhere between the conventions, role-playing, reading, anime, and sporadic attempts at writing fiction, is something resembling a Real Life. It contains a job writing web applications, which is boring to talk about, and a daughter -- but since the latter is also very much into conventions and anime, and is showing an interest in role-playing as well, she may not count as Real Life after all.
Mad Elf is, of course, not a real name, but it's far better known than the real one.

Michael Davidson - Hotel Liaison


'Be on the committee for Satellite 1 or else I will sit on you' DC said to Michael. Thus his introduction to organising cons. Up till then he had mostly just attended a variety of cons, although he did write and run Music Quizzes at Redemption 2005 and Worldcon 2005. Tastes tend towards 'harder' SF, and he never wants to read a book with talking cats again! He subsidises his life-style by running a Radiochemistry Team for the Health Protection Agency and can occasionally be found singing, sailing and listening to interminable rants about Blake's 7 from a certain other committee member with a surprisingly similar surname.