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Comrades Richard and Marion from At the Sign of the Dragon will be bringing along books by our Guest of Honour, plus a variety of SF and space-related titles. They are prepared to accept advanced orders and bring books for collection at the convention: contact them via their website and save postage!


Our guest will be available to sign autographs at various times. We ask all members to please be considerate in terms of the number of items they bring along for signature.

Old Trout Corner

Have you been around Glasgow fandom longer than you care to admit? If so, do you have any old photos that you'd like to share with the Proletariat? We plan to have a display board dedicated to "Glasgow Fandom through the Ages". Please bring along pictures you think might be suitable (scanned copies, if possible, please, rather than your valuable originals) with a note of the year the photo was taken.


There is no formal Art Show or Auction at Satellite 1. However, some (limited) space is available should artists wish to display work (either for sale or simply for the "delight and edification" of the masses). Please contact the convention in advance to discuss requirements.