Go Home What is Satellite 1?

Greetings Comrades! Satellite 1 takes place almost exactly 50 years after the Space Age dawned with the launch of Sputnik 1 from Baikonur in the former Soviet Union on 4th October 1957. Hence our tagline: 50 years of science, 50 years of science fiction.

In the convention programme, we plan to look back and review developments in both science fiction and space travel (Where were we 50 years ago? Where are we now? How different is it from where we expected?) and look forward to possible future developments. Topics we hope to cover include the history of the Space Programme, Fandom Then and Now, and Global Climate Change. However, the programme is still developing and we welcome ideas and suggestions.

The format will be the usual blend of guest talks and panel discussions (with lots of opportunity for audience participation) plus games and quizzes. A special feature will be the Dead Laika Party and Pub Quiz in the evening after the closing ceremony.