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Unlike capitalist conventions, Satellite 1 seeks to promote free, open, and uncensored discussion. This will take place by means of a series of panel-led discussions. Approved topics will include:

It's only the end of the world again

From oil crisis to nuclear winter to SARS. Over the past fifty years, Mankind has always seemed to be on the edge of some global catastrophe. Is climate change any different, and is getting into space the solution?

Well... it's certainly not how we imagined it (or is it?)

How well did SF of the 1950s predict the modern world, and how well do we think current SF will stand up in fifty years' time?

The next 50 years in SF

What does the next half-century hold for science fiction? Does the increasing rate of technological change make it impossible to write accurately about the near future? And how will SF be published? Are printed books dead? Will everyone be published on the internet? Will media SF become a total immersion, holosuite-style activity?

Science fiction Glasguensis

Glasgow has long been a focus for SF fandom, from Faircon and Albacon to Intersection and Interaction, and from the original Friends of Kilgore Trout to the recent Resurgence of Trout. We take a nostalgic look at Glasgow fandom through the years…and ask what the future holds. Is there still a place for “traditional” cons, or are media events and more fun-orientated conventions (such as Confounding Tales) the future?

The next 50 years in Space

Our panel look in their crystal balls and attempt to predict where Mankind might be in 50 years time. Will be “out there” mining the asteroids or still on Planet Earth fighting over resources such as water and oil?

It’s a far, far better ending than I have ever known…

(with apologies to Charles Dickens) The panel looks at endings in media SF. Which series and movies delivered a truly stunning finale…and which ended with more of a whimper than a bang?