Go Home The Day After

From the Central Office of the Politburo

The Office of Population Surveillance reports that many non-locals have registered to attend Satellite 1. The Politburo welcomes all our comrades from the outer Republics. We have been informed that members of Satellite 1 may be looking for something to do in Glasgow on Sunday. The Politburo knows from long experience that the decadent city of Glasgow contains many bourgeois pleasures for idle citizens. The Politburo also knows that few Satellite 1 members would wish to idle their time away on such frivolity, preferring to toil hard for the glory of the State. However, if you do wish to lower your moral standards, the Politburo can make the following recommendations which may be experienced before you return to the Shining Path of hard-work and righteousness. Be assured that the Politburo, ever working in your interests, has spent many hours in all of these places to ensure that they are suitable for our Satellite 1 brothers and sisters.

Museums (www.glasgowmuseums.com)

The City of Glasgow has a wide variety of museums dedicated to topics from modern art to transport, and from religion to local life. High on the Politburo's list of approved pleasures is the newly refurbished Kelvingrove Art Gallery which contains poor imitations of the great Soviet artists by such Western impostors as Titian, Dali, Rembrandt and many others. The Transport museum has a considerable lack of tractors and other agricultural machinery, preferring instead class-ridden early motor cars. A fine display of proletariat trams and locomotives helps redress the balance. The Burrell collection is world-famed and entry to all museums is free to the masses.

Parks (www.glasgow.gov.uk)

Glasgow is affectionately known to its citizens as the "Dear Green Place". The city has a large number of parks and gardens built for the few hours of idle time given to our noble comrade-workers of the past. Particularly interesting are the Kibble Palace (a Victorian glasshouse) in the West End's Botanic Gardens, and Fossil Grove (an area of petrified forest) in Victoria Park.

Glasgow Science Centre (www.glasgowsciencecentre.org)

We strive to advance in Science and Technology for the glory of our workforce. The GSC displays our finest achievements on three floors of interactive exhibits. The Scottish Power (to the people) Planetarium is one of the finest in Europe. Here workers can view our Manifest Destiny as Satellite 1 reaches for the stars.