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Sydney Jordan was born in Dundee and in 1954 created 'Jeff Hawke', the world's longest-running science fiction strip cartoon, for The Daily Express and Scottish Daily News, followed by 'Lance McLane' for The Daily Record; both were syndicated worldwide and for Europe Lance McLane was redrawn as a new version of Jeff Hawke, so the total run lasted 24 years, plus one last story in A1 Comic, 1991. Two collections of Jeff Hawke stories have been published by Titan Books. His other comic strips include 'Time and Ms. Jones' (Sunday Times) and 'Hal Starr' (Spaceship Away!) He frequently illustrated articles in The Daily Express and his work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines including New Worlds, Starburst and New Scientist. He has illustrated articles and stories by Duncan Lunan in World Magazine, The Journal of Practical Applications in Space, Asgard, Nuclear Free Scotland and Analog, and created the cover painting for "Star