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Chaos Satellite Building

Construct your satellite from an assortment of junk under the watchful eye of Comrade Launch Controller Dalg. Much silliness, arguing and sticking of fingers together! A prize will be awarded for the best satellite.

Confounding Tales presents… What is it like to be a Saladtite?

Munchkin, of ConFounding Tales! infamy, wants to beat those pesky Ruskies and get a Briton into orbit. Come along and help, especially if you have knobbly knees.
Warning - will contain Goonery.

'Finding Uranus' or 'Pin the Satellite on the Planet'

Comrade Mad Elf (Glorious God-Tsar of the Solar System) and his beautiful assistant Komosol Danae (Space Tsarina Extraordinaire) reprise their fiendishly game of knowledge, skill and shouting... this time in 3D! If you know the difference between Mars Express and Pizza Express, this is for you.

The Best Yet Pan-Galactic Symposium

Duncan Lunan introduces readings and music to celebrate the Sputnik Anniversary. Featuring Michael Cobley, Hal Duncan, Gary Gibson, Danny Thomson, Neil Williamson, and Jasper the Dog Star (in memory of Laika)!

Dead Laika Party and Pub Quiz

In further tribute to our dearly-departed, celestial canine comrade, the convention will conclude with the imbibing of fermented alcoholic beverages and the opportunity to participate in healthy competitive mental activity (at least for all those with neurons not already destroyed by the aforementioned alcoholic beverages!).